Combos, Wet/Dry Slides

Please, before to pay any reservation call or text 281-889-6255 in order to guaranty availability and pricing. Payments in advance are not refundable.

Combo 3-1 Multicolor with Detachable Pool to Use Wet Or Dry

Dry (no pool) $175.00 plus tax / Wet (with pool) $225.00 plus tax

We don’t provide service to apartments or parks

Combo 3-1 Pink & Purple with Detachable Pool Use Wet/Dry

Dry, (no pool) $175.00 plus tax, Wet (with pool) $225.00 plus tax

Please Don’t Use Silly String (crazy hair) inside or around the inflatable

$100.00 fee it will be charged if silly string is found inside the Inflatable

Water Slide Dual Lane 14′ With Pool $225.00 plus tax

Water Slide Space 15′ Single Lane with Pool $250.00 plus tax

Combo Tropical 4-1 (Bouncy, Slide, Splash Pad & Basketball hoop) $250.00 plus tax, Use Dry/Wet

Combo Multic 4-1 (bouncy, slide, splash pad & basketball hoop) $250.00 plus tax, Use Dry/Wet



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